Removing red wine stains

Aug 17, 2021

Removing red wine stains can be tricky, so it is important you get it right the first time. Getting it wrong can ensure that stain stays……forever!

We have all been there. A lovely meal with friends or family and a bottle of red is just the deal. The conversation is flowing and suddenly, a glass is knocked over and red wine spills onto the sofa or carpet. The horror of it is unimaginable.

A quick response is required, or the stain will soak into the fabric and literally become impossible to remove.

No need to worry though. By taking the appropriate action, you can save the day, but sadly not the wine.

Here’s what to do:


If you cannot treat it quickly, flush the affected area with either soda water or sparkling water as soon as possible. The bubbles in the water help push the stain out of the fabric. It is always best to treat the area as soon as the accident has occurred. Then dab the area gently with a paper towel to absorb as much as possible. If you do have a stain remover, closely follow the instructions on the label and repeat a few times.

If this does not work, do not persist and contact professional cleaners to take care of the problem.


If the spill is on your upholstery, dab up as much as possible with paper towels. Spray the area with stain remover and leave for 5 minutes then blot with a wet cloth and rinsed the residue away.


Spray the affected area with any type of hairspray and leave for a few minutes. After leaving it for a while, wash it with the correct detergent at an extremely high temperature.

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